Redesign and Relaunch Update Preview

New 2013 Logo Design

  • Emphasizes Collaboration (ovals)
  • Uses Head Start colors (blue, red)
  • Stylish, sans serif logotype font (Nueva)

Features and Benefits

  • Rotating Ad Banner
    Promote Partner events and select content
  • Horizontal Content Slider (5-6 slides)
    30-second highlight of featured content
  • Improved Navigational Menus
    Eliminated “drop-downs” + added vertical menus
  • Consolidated Content in 5 Sections
    Easier to navigate 130+ pages of website
  • Visible News and Updates
    Features posts of new, recently added and existing content

Coming in FY2013 Q3-Q4

  • Email ListServ
    Private email list serving
  • Webinar Registration Form
    Register form for upcoming webinars
  • Private, Members Only Content
    Secure login to view exclusive content (videos, etc). Registration required, free.
  • Updated Models
    Online form and updating from website
  • Video Content Archive
    Videotaped trainings, events
  • Additional Interactive Features
    Technology that fosters interaction and collaboration using the online website
  • Website Evaluation Survey (Q4)
    Results will guide future website improvements and overall development
  • Download Illinois Early Childhood Community Partnership Profiles PDF