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What is Early Care & Education Collaboration?

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Collaboration is the most intense level of working together.  It is a structure and a process for creating change.

A collaborative effort is driven by partners who agree to share information, activities, resources, influence, power and decision-making authority to achieve common goals – goals that no single partner or program could achieve by acting alone.

– From Community Partnerships Working Together, US Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Collaboration is the process by which agencies formally commit themselves on a long-term basis to work together to accomplish a common mission.

Collaboration brings previously separate organizations into a new working structure that requires joint planning, implementation, and evaluation.  The partnership also necessitates the sharing of resources, power and authority.  It requires organizations to blend their strengths, as well as negotiate their differences, with an underlying attitude of trust.

The goal of this partnership is comprehensive services for families that improve family outcomes.

– Texas Head Start-State Collaboration Project, 1992.

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What is Early Care & Education Collaboration?