Budgeting for Partnerships

Information Memorandum [with Attachments-see below] Venn diagram and explanation [below] Summary table on perceived barriers [below] Distribution of costs in a Head Start budget [below] TO: Head Start and Early Head Start Grantees and Delegate Agencies SUBJECT: Budgeting for Partnerships between Child Care and Head Start LEGAL AND RELATED AUTHORITY: The Head Start Act, as… Continue Reading

Cost Allocation

Considerations for Cost Allocation Planning Cost Allocation Strategies The percentage that each funding stream contributes to the total budget is calculated.  Each line item expenditure is then cost allocated against each funding stream by that percentage.  For example, if Head Start comprises 56% of the total funding package, 56% of each expenditure is allocated to… Continue Reading

Partnership Fiscal Checklist

This checklist focuses on the fiscal aspects of early education partnerships. Although some of the questions can apply to a single entity that blends various sources of funding (e.g., child care subsidies, parent fees, preK, Head Start), partnerships between separate programs/entities or with family child care providers will find the checklist most useful. The checklist… Continue Reading