A Checklist for Developing a Partnership Agreement/Contract

Early education partners can use this checklist to assist them in developing a comprehensive agreement that clearly addresses each partner’s roles and responsibilities and many of the elements needed for the partnership to run smoothly. While agreements can and should be reviewed and revised over time, a strong agreement forged early in the partnership lays a foundation for a strong and sustainable collaboration.

A partnership agreement between early education providers contains critical information and clarifying details. Agreements include some standard legal sections, but the language used often sets the tone for a “partnership spirit.” On the following pages, QUILT provides a list of specifics that partners might include in a written agreement, although not every item need be addressed. Agreements vary, reflecting the uniqueness of the partnership. Early education providers can use this document as they develop or review their partnership agreements.

The checklist consists of the following five sections:

1. General Information
2. Partnership Services
3. Fiscal/Resources
4. Systems

  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Communications
  • Oversight
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation

5. General Administrative Elements

QUILT – Quality In Linking Together

Early Education Partnerships 2002

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This checklist was developed as part of the QUILT Project – Community Development Institute, Education Development Center, and the National Child Care Information Center.  QUILT was funded by the US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families.